No Public Money for Gas: Action Hub

While our communities are struggling with job losses and the Scott Morrison's attacks on Job Seeker, his Government is trying to give billions of our public funding to fasttrack dirty gas projects. It's an absolute disgrace - at the same time as plunging millions into poverty, they want to give billions of our money to fossil fuel corporations. Like... wtaf...

But we can stop them. The Government needs the support of the Senate to get their dangerous plan across the line. If we can create a huge wave of public backlash we can doom their dirty gas plans to the dustbin of history where they belong. To do this, we need to hit up our local politicians with enough pressure to ensure they put our communities before corporate profits.

Are you in? Great. The details of what we all need to do are below - make sure to let us know which actions you take when in the form at the bottom of this page so we can keep track of our nationwide movement's bold action to support Traditional owners in protecting their country, fight for a future safe from climate catastrophe, and keep that dirty gas in the ground where it belongs. Let's do it!

Resources to support you take action

Call your MP!   Email your MP!   Social media jamming
Have conversations with your family & friends   Drop a banner!   Call Jacqui Lambie!


Impact Hour #3
Wed 14th October
6pm AEDT / 5pm AEST / 5:30pm ACDT / 3pm AWST
Origin AGM Impact Hour
Monday 19th October
7pm AEDT / 6pm AEST / 6.30pm ACDT / 4pm AWST

Mass Climate Justice Training
Wednesday 28th October
6pm AEDT / 5pm AEST / 5:30pm ACDT / 3pm AWST


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