We're fighting for climate justice.

We are the Australian Youth Climate Coalition

The Australian Youth Climate Coalition is Australia’s largest youth-run organisation, our mission is to build a movement of young people leading solutions to the climate crisis.

Young people have the most to lose from climate change, but we also have a lot to gain. Climate change is our best opportunity to create a world that works for everyone, not just a few. We can power our lives with the wind and sun, and ensure access to clean energy and job opportunities for all.

The world needs us. 

We believe that the only way to solve the climate crisis is through a social movement - a groundswell of support and momentum that is powerful enough to inspire the change we need and hold decision makers to account.

Our vision is for a fair and just world, with a stable climate and healthy environment for our communities and future generations.

We can have a better world - with clean energy that never runs out, diverse and thriving cultures, fairer and more connected communities, restored natural environments and biodiversity.  We’re working for a future grounded in climate justice, where people on the frontlines of climate change can take back power and lead solutions from the ground up. 

So how do we win?

It is young people who will inherit the consequences of decisions made today. Through history, young people have demonstrated how we have the creativity, passion and innovation to lead social change movements.

This is why we are building a movement of young people, standing in solidarity with those on the frontlines of climate change, to lead solutions to the climate crisis. We are empowering our generation to make sure history is not written for us, but by us.

It is only through a huge, diverse and committed social movement, led by those with the most at stake, that we will see just and sustainable solutions to the climate crisis realised. Decision makers in governments, businesses and our communities will only make the changes required if there is a strong social movement demanding it.

We educate, inspire and mobilise young people to win campaigns for a safe climate, to keep fossil fuels in the ground and build a future powered by clean energy.

Will you join us?

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