Call Tanya: Protect NT water, say no to fracking

Tamboran contractors have come forward to the ABC alleging that the corporation improperly used toxic waste water from fracking. [1]

According to the workers involved, toxic waste water from exploration drilling by the fracking corporation was used for spraying across surrounding country, exposing the workers, local ecosystem, and anyone in the surrounding area to dangerous chemicals. 
This is yet more proof that Tamboran cannot be trusted to run a safe operation in the Beetaloo Basin. Traditional Owners have been calling out Tamboran, as well as the territory and federal government, saying that they don’t want fracking on their land for precisely this reason.
Labor has agreed to update our environment laws and protect water, but are dragging their feet on getting it done. Strengthened environmental laws could protect NT water from these risks.
Labor must do the right thing, and hold off on any fracking approvals until our laws can properly assess the risks.

When to call:

Tanya Plibersek’s office is generally open from 9-5pm (AEST) Monday-Friday, but if you can only call outside of hours, leaving a voicemail is still a great option! 

Electorate office phone: (02) 9379 0700

Parliament office phone: (02) 6277 7920

Guide of what you can say:

  • Share why you personally care about this issue and why you don’t want to risk fracking the NT. 
  • Be confident and polite
  • If you live in Tanya Plibersek's electorate (Sydney), make sure you let them know! 
Key messages: 
  • Fracking in the NT’s Beetaloo basin would set off a carbon bomb that our climate and communities can’t afford. Our communities deserve better. All of us want clean air and water, a healthy environment, and a safe future to grow up in.

  • If Tamboran is willing to put workers at risk, cut corners, skip basic planning, and pollute while operating just one exploration well, imagine what gas companies will do to the Territory when the planned 6,000 fracking wells are fracked.

  • The Albanese Government can’t just be a passive bystander while frackers put water, workers health, and climate at risk.

  • It’s time for the Albanese government to live up to their climate promises. That means putting a stop to dangerous gas expansion, creating stronger environmental protection laws, and putting our climate and communities ahead of corporate profits.

  • Until Labor meets their election promise to strengthen environmental laws, Tanya Plibersek must step up and protect NT water and community, by committing to no approvals for NT fracking plans.

[1] Contractors allege Tamboran Resources kept spraying contaminated Beetaloo water for up to five days, ABC News, 24th Aug 2023