AYCC & Seed SpeakUp for Climate Justice

Conversations are powerful. They’re how we reach out and bring our local communities into the fight for justice – growing our movement into an unstoppable wave of public pressure.

The only way we force our politicians to listen to us instead of their fossil fuel donors is to build an unstoppable wave of public pressure. And that only happens one conversation at a time, reaching out to bring more and more people on side. 

So we've designed these trainings for you to supercharge your impact.

Which training should I go to?

We've got two levels of training built for different skill levels

Level 1 trainings are for people who are new to our movement: we'll cover the basics of having a climate conversation and fundraising

Level 2 trainings are for people who've maybe done one of our challenges before or done an Seed or AYCC conversations training. 

RSVP for the one which suits you best!

The are currently no upcoming events.

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