Gas is a dirty fossil fuel our climate and communities can’t afford. 

Gas expansion is not compatible with our vision for climate justice. Plans to open new onshore and offshore gas basins across the country would create sacrifice zones in remote and rural Aboriginal communities and risk sacred cultural heritage sites across the country. Traditional Owners and Aboriginal communities have been leading fights against gas on their country for years -- from Mudburra and Garawa country in the NT, to Gomeroi country in NSW and Butchulla country in Queensland, the list goes on.  

Yet in 2021, the Federal government is planning to spend millions of dollars of public money to subsidise and expand the gas industry, while companies are lining up to open new gas basins across the continent. We're fighting back and demanding that public money is spent on programs that support our communities and protect our climate, not to prop up the profits of fossil fuel executives. It is fundamentally unacceptable for our governments to financially enable fossil fuel expansion.  

At this moment, we are at a crossroads that will define the next several decades. Recovery from the coronavirus crisis requires the Government to spend big on public infrastructure projects and job creation. This should be the moment to invest heavily in climate solutions that will support our communities to thrive, but instead the Government looks like doubling down on spending taxpayer dollars on the expansion of fossil fuels.

Join us in sending a message to Treasurer Josh Frydenberg, asking him to put our communities first by funding our future, not gas. 


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