Just 13,000 votes could decide who wins the election, and at the moment mining billionaires and climate denying politicians are using fear, misinformation and huge advertising spending to pit communities against each other in order to get elected. 

We don’t have millions to spend on ads, but we do have something far more powerful; a movement of people committed to taking action on climate. The most important factor in deciding someone’s vote isn’t the misinformation they see online or the scaremongering leaflets they receive in the mail; it’s the conversations they have with those around them.

Our best shot at making sure candidates ready to tackle the climate crisis are elected this year is making sure everyone we know - our friends, our families, our school and work mates- know exactly where parties sit on real climate action.

We know talking to people about voting for climate can be intimidating, and it can be hard to know where to start. That’s why we’ve compiled a bunch of handy resources and a step-by-step process to getting everyone around you to vote climate.


  Use our worksheet to map your extended network, and make a contact list of who to reach out to about voting climate.



  Deep canvassing is one of the most effective, evidence based conversations tools for shifting people on polarising issues like climate change. We recommend starting by watching our full training, but you can also read our short explainer, or watch our 10 min quick explainer video.

  Once you’ve had a look through those resources, you can read through our script, and start deep canvassing the people on your contact list! This can be done through face to face conversations, over the phone, or you can even try deep canvassing via text or social media DM. After you’ve had your conversations, don’t forget to track them through our conversations tracker!


  Once you’ve deep canvassed your network, you can secure their climate vote by sending them our Climate Scorecard, which outlines where the major parties sit on real climate action, and ask them to send it along to 3 other people to triple our reach!