Chris Bowen - Don't Frack the NT

The Northern Territory Government has announced that fracking in the Beetaloo Basin can go ahead, r​​isking health, water, country and our climate.

The NT Government has betrayed Traditional Owners, and communities across the NT that have been staunchly resisting fracking for years. Instead, they have chosen to side with the greedy fracking companies, putting our health, future and the climate at risk.

But the fight to end fracking doesn’t end here. It’s up to Climate and Energy Minister, Chris Bowen, to ensure we are protected from the worst impacts of climate, by blocking projects that put communities at risk. We need to make sure Chris Bowen hears the message loud and clear; don’t frack the NT.

When to call:

Chris Bowen’s office is generally open from 9-5pm (AEST) Monday-Friday, but if you can only call outside of hours, leaving a voicemail is still a great option! 

Electorate office phone: (02) 9604 0710

Parliament office phone: (02) 6277 7120

Guide of what you can say:

  • Share why you personally care about this issue and why you don’t want to open up the NT for fracking
  • Be confident and polite

Key messages: 

  • Fracking for gas in the NT will affect us all, but it’s remote and regional communities in the NT will feel this first and worst - heat waves, water shortages and more extreme flooding could force many remote communities off their country, and make large parts of the NT unliveable.
  • If Labor wants to live up to their promises and show that they are serious about climate, they need to put an end to fracking in the Northern Territory. 
  • Bowen must ensure the Northern Territory Government does not allow fracking to go ahead and ensure we are protected from the worst impacts of climate change, by blocking projects that put communities at risk.