Email your energy minister

This Friday, Chris Bowen is bringing together climate and energy ministers from every state and territory.

This is our chance to make sure our demand is on the agenda: polluters must pay. 

Labor's new laws require frackers like Tamboran to offset the emissions they pollute, but left it vague on who exactly is paying for these offsets. The frackers reckon the government should pay, and use public money to foot the bill.

Not on our watch. Our energy ministers should be working towards a safe climate future, not giving out even more handouts to dangerous gas companies. 

Gas fracking is a dirty industry, polluting water, air, and land, putting health and climate at risk. The pollution from the Beetaloo basin alone would be equal to that of over 50 coal fired power stations! It’s time for the Albanese government to live up to their climate promises - and take action for a safe climate future.

Will you send your energy minister an email with this loud and clear message: polluters MUST pay. 

Read more about this campaign here.