Young People celebrate GHD decision to walk away from Adani’s Carmichael project

Young people across Australia are celebrating the decision of engineering firm GHD to walk away from Adani’s Carmichael project after staff and members of the community raised concerns about the effect it would have on our climate.

GHD was Adani’s longest serving contractor in Australia, having worked on a range of projects for the mining giant over the last 10 years.

AYCC Campaign Director Olivia Hill said: “GHD has listened to thousands of young people and community members who have been emailing, calling and engaging GHD staff asking them to build our future, not Adani’s mine or rail.”

“Our campaign has shown that young people are done waiting for our politicians to show leadership on climate change. Our communities are on fire, but all our so-called leaders are giving us is empty words.” 

“It’s not good enough. We know if we want to stop the kind of fires we’re seeing from becoming the new normal, we have to keep fossil fuels in the ground and transition to clean energy.” 

“Young people are getting on with the job and making our case directly to businesses – that helping to dig up any new fossil fuels will be catastrophic for our climate and our futures.”

“We’re glad GHD listened and chose a clean energy future for all us.” 

AYCC volunteers have been engaging with GHD staff and decision makers over the last six months, which has included: 

  • Holding dozens of regular creative actions outside GHD offices around the country;
  • Sending over 5000 emails and making over 300 calls to GHD offices;
  • Handing out 3000 fortune cookies to GHD staff predicting they’d stand up for our clean energy future;
  • Sending GHD board members an open letter from over 5000 young people.

Olivia is available for interview. For interview and media enquiries contact Jai on 0411 634 643.


17 December 2019