Video Brief


This video will lay out the vision of young people across the country calling for net zero by 2035 and justice centred solutions to the climate crisis. We’ll be highlighting all the incredible solutions that already exist and that our communities are calling for, from land back to Traditional Owners, community-led ecological restoration, bike paths and zero emission public transport, community owned renewable energy to power our homes, schools and businesses to regenerative farming and urban greening. Bringing everyone on board with our ideas and vision means making climate solutions tangible and relevant to our everyday lives. By coming together to share our experience and ideas we can create a vision for what the world could look like in 2035 - if we can dream it, we can create it! 

Why now?  

In November, countries from across the globe will be coming together to talk about climate action at a big United Nations conference known as COP26. We’ll be using the video in our actions on the COP26 International Youth Day of Action. You can read more about what COP26 is and why it matters here.

We want to capture the vision of what net zero by 2035 looks like for you and your community in a 20-30 second video that will be compiled into a 3 minute video (with help from our friends at Smithy). 

   What to film:

  1. 10-20 seconds of you finishing one of these statements:
    1. “In my community/ [insert your area], solving the climate crisis looks like…”
    2. “In my community/[insert your area], net zero by 2035 looks like…”
  2. 10-20 seconds of you engaging in the solution you talk about (if this is possible in your area) - or another solution that’s easier to film . For example:
    1. If your solution is urban farming, you could film your local community garden or your home veggie plot 
    2. If your solution is accessible green transport, you could film yourself walking/riding along a local foot/bike path 
    3. If your solution is community renewables, you could film some renewables near your community (eg. wind farms) or nearby household solar 

Video clip length:

  • Try to keep your video clips 10-20 seconds long but don’t worry if you go over by 5-10 seconds, send them through anyway! 
  • Why 10-20 seconds? We’re making a collection of lots of videos that we’ll edit together. By keeping our clips shorter we can capture the key message and vision and create a collective vision for climate solutions.  

Words to avoid:

We want to make sure the film we get from this video is usable in the campaigning we do post COP26. To make this possible, we’re asking that you don’t include references to COP26, eg.
“COP26”, “Climate Summit”, “the United Nations” etc. 

Taking high quality videos on phones can be straightforward and easy, especially if you follow some key tips:

  1. Film in landscape mode and hold your phone with both hands if possible 
  2. Film in natural, soft light (eg. near a window during the day, or in the shade outside), with the light beside or in front of you.
  3. Record in an area that with lower background noise and listen back to your audio to see if you can hear yourself clearly 

Want more info on recording good quality videos? You can read through Smithy’s tips in this guide, or watch these two videos from Digital Storytellers. 

Where and when to send it to AYCC 

Once you’ve filmed your clips add them to this folder. If you are talking in your video please add a written version of what you say into this google doc - this will help us create accurate auto-caption for our video to make it accessible. 

We need all video content added to the folder by midnight on October 20 so that we have time to edit the video together to launch on November 1. 

Information for Under 18s.

For anyone under 18 years of age, they will need to ask their parent or guardian to fill out this media release form. Please send the completed form to [email protected] with the subject line: COP26 video release form. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact AYCC Campaigns Director Lee Hall at [email protected] or call 0407 539 644

Where to get help and support?

If you need some help, we’re here! If you’re on the AYCC slack, please send a message to the #support-campaigns. If you’re not on slack, you can reach AYCC’s Climate Justice Campaigner, Taya, at [email protected].   

What’s next?

If you’re keen to join in on our COP26 actions that are happening across the country on November 1st, come along to our planning meeting next Monday (11th October) from 6-7:30pm AEST! RSVP here.