The Australian Youth Climate Coalition



We run campaigns that have political and social impact and inspire our generation to take action to solve the climate crisis.

Meet Your Member

It’s vital that we remind newly elected politicians of the promises they made during the election campaign, to fund Australia’s first ever solar thermal plant and no public money to prop up Adani’s Carmichael project.

Protect Country

Sign the petition to support the growing movement of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people standing up to protect our land, culture and communities from fossil fuel extraction and global warming.

No funding for Adani's dangerous coal mine

Galilee Petition

Sign the petition calling on Malcolm to put Adani's applications for the dangerous Carmichael coal projects in the bin so the coal in the Galilee Basin stays underground where it belongs.

Port Augusta Petition

Sign the petition to Prime Minister Turnbull and Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg asking them to come through on their promise to the Port Augusta community and sign the dotted line for funding for solar thermal in Port Augusta.