22nd October 2018         FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Saturday’s result in the Wentworth by-election demonstrated a dramatic swing against the Government’s inaction on climate change, with climate change being a number 1 issue. Over 75% of voters on exit polling indicated that climate change was an issue affecting their vote.

“People in Wentworth spoke with their votes - they are deeply concerned about climate change, and demand that those in Parliament do their jobs by protecting our future through actual climate policy,” Gemma Borgo-Caratti, National Director of the Australian Youth Climate Coalition (AYCC) said.

“Facing the impacts of climate change right now, the world’s scientists and everyday citizens couldn’t be clearer: there is no time for delay on climate action. Politicians are actively undermining any attempt to reduce emissions so their mates in the fossil fuel industry get an extra bonus in their multi million dollar paycheck - it’s disgusting.”

“We have the technology, the funds, and the public support for real action - all that is holding us back is a Government at the beck and call of the coal lobby, who are profiteering from the destruction of our environment,” Gemma said.

“Everyday young people are having hundreds of conversations in their communities and are standing up against new coal and gas projects and building clean energy from the ground up in their homes and schools.

“The AYCC was proud to be part of the campaign in Wentworth, making action on climate and Adani’s coal mine the top issue for candidates at every turn, while enrolling more young people to get out and vote for our future.

“Our generation is seizing this window of opportunity for action - young people across the country are gearing up for a federal election to take back our future from these out of touch so-called “leaders”, inaction on climate change won’t fly with young people this election” Gemma Borgo-Caratti concluded.

Gemma is available for interview. For interviews and media enquiries:

Alex Fuller - Communications Manager, Australian Youth Climate Coalition

P: 0437316331

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