Climate change, we’ve all heard about it. Whether it’s been mentioned during class by our teachers or on our facebook and insta feeds it's spoken about and we usually throw it over our shoulder (more like scroll past it ) like it's nothing really important. But how important is it?

Pretty.freaking.important. Especially for our generation and the generations to come.


Climate change will affect all of us including some of the most beautiful features in the world whether we like it or not and we aren't doing enough about it. Even though you may think young people don’t have a say in what the government's got planned for our future, we can come together and make them listen.

After all there are only 150 of them and a whole lot of us. 

That's what Power Shift is all about, young people from all around coming together and making a change. How cools that? And how cool would it be if you were there too?


We’re always told we have no idea what we’re talking about but this summit gives us the opportunity to learn and be surrounded by others our age who feel and think the exact same way. Together we can change this, make a difference and protect our future.

celebrate .gif

You aren't alone and you can do something.

You are the next generation's hope -- don't let them, and us down.

Get your ticket to Power Shift today!