Welcome to the AYCC! Induction Events

AYCC has just launched it’s new movement structure! This model seeks to further hand power & responsibility over to volunteers, to provide an increase in the number & types of volunteer leadership, and build peer-to-peer support structures

For our National teams, we'll be having Induction / Social events throughout all of April, so come along if you'd like to meet likeminded young people and learn more about AYCC's National teams.

These spaces will provide opportunities to:

  • Build relationships with others

  • Learn more about the purpose of each team & how it fits within the national support structure

  • Understand how we’re going to grow & set up our teams to support our national grassroots groups

Hope to see you there! 😊

Events throughout April

💥Wednesday, 7th April - Training Team! - RSVP HERE!

💥Thursday, 8th April - Organising and Campaigns Support Teams! - RSVP HERE!

💥Friday, 9th April - Movement Building Team - RSVP HERE!

💥Tuesday, 13th April - Content Team - RSVP HERE!

💥Wednesday, 14th April - Tech Team - RSVP HERE!

💥Wednesday, 14th April - Schools Team - RSVP HERE!

Welcome team meeting coming soon.