Welcome to AYCC Brisbane!

We're holding a welcome night for new volunteers (if you've gotten involved post election) or people who have never volunteered with AYCC before and want to know who AYCC is and what the heck we do!

What is climate justice?
What is AYCC's theory of change?
Who are SEED Youth Indigenous Climate Network and what does working in solidarity look like?

And most importantly, how can you be a part of the fight for climate justice?

Find out how you can be involved, how we think change happens and how we plan to build a movement of young people to fight for climate justice. To a further extent we'll talk about the 'hub' structure within AYCC, what that means and how it makes us more effective as a movement.

We can also chat about the basics of climate change from a science perspective but also investigate the social systems and structures that have caused it.

This is a safe space to learn and ask questions that might not have been answered in your involvement so far.
August 14, 2019 at 6pm - 8pm
AYCC Brisbane Office

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