Week of Action to Stop Adani

To stop Adani's critical finance lifeline, we have to stop the Turnbull government from handing them $1 billion. 

That's why next week May 15-21 is the Week of Action to Stop Adani by hitting up MP and Senator offices across the country. 

Host your own action our front on your local MP's office, here's a handy guide to help you out.

And here is the full down low if you need more deets.

Once you've sorted your details head to this map and click 'host your event' to promote to your friends.

If you need support with your action or have any questions, email amy@aycc.org.au

You can spread the word by putting up these posters in your community!

Take a selfie with this poster today to show Turnbull how you would rather spend $1billlion. Click on the image to download.

We can't stop Adani alone, we need a powerful, huge movement of people committed to ending coal and leaving the coal in the ground. So get your friends involved, spread the news and let's make our people powered movement impossible to ignore. 

Empower young Australians to take action on climate change.