Premier Jay Weatherill and the SA Government have committed to building big solar in Port Augusta. Turns out it will be the biggest solar thermal plant in the whole world!

This is a huge win for Port Augusta, renewable energy and our climate. The win that together we’ve been fighting for for over 5 years!

Celebrate by sharing this video from Lisa in Port Augusta who is so excited about this win, on Facebook or Twitter, or by forwarding this email.

What an incredible journey. Right back at the start when we held a local vote in Port Augusta and 97% of locals voted for solar thermal over gas, we knew we were onto something important.


So we set out to pressure politicians in Adelaide and in Canberra to do the right thing and make way for solar thermal:

  • We wrote reports and took them to every state and federal MP,

  • We told every solar thermal company around the world about how sunny Port Augusta is☀️

  • We took tens of thousands of action online - petitions, emails, photos, and more,

  • We crowdfunded 2 TV ads and 4 billboards,

  • We door knocked on hundreds of doors and had thousands of conversations,

  • Thousands of us rallied in the streets

  • And 100 of us even walked 328km from Port Augusta to Adelaide to make our voices heard.

Today, all of that hard work pays off!


5 years ago when we first stepped in to back the Port Augusta community on this campaign, we had no idea whether we would win, and the coal station was still polluting the air.

Now, the incredible Repower Port Augusta community group, with your support, has got the just transition they’ve been asking for. This project will create real jobs for a community that has been left in lurch of the transition away from coal.

For South Australia, this looks like 24-hour, on-demand, clean solar power, and a powerful message to the whole country that renewables are happening now, and all of Australia can be powered by 100% renewable energy.

Together, we’ve won a victory for new jobs, for clean energy, and for climate action - we couldn’t have done it without you. Celebrate by spreading this amazing news today.

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Now, we celebrate this people powered win!