WA is already pretty great. But it could be #WAybetter

The state election in March is a big deal because we all get to have a say in the future of WA.

WA’s enormous resources of sunshine, wind and waves mean we could become a renewable energy superpower of the future. In WA alone, there is enough wind and solar to provide almost 9% of the world’s energy every year. Wowza. In other words, WA has more renewable energy than fossil fuel energy.

Lucky, cos the world is already moving away from polluting fossil fuels. The boom and bust cycles of fossil fuels have hurt WA’s communities and now we need long-term, sustainable jobs, using 21st Century technology that don’t fuel the climate crisis.

To make Western Australia #WAybetter, we need to invest in renewables, not fracking.

At the moment, neither major party have made a commitment to investing in the renewable energy that we need. But young people know better and we want change. Let’s not let WA’s out-of-date politicians hold us back from the solutions we need;

  • 100% renewable energy by 2030

  • A transition away from fossil fuels

  • And a statewide ban on fracking

Help us to realise a safe, sustainable future for WA by asking our leaders to back the clean energy of the future over the polluting fuels of the past. 

Make WA #WAybetter this state election by telling our politicians that a future powered by 100% renewable energy is way better than polluting fossil fuels

Will you sign?

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