Volunteer on the QLD election

The next QLD Government needs to be elected knowing that Queenslanders won’t stand for our taxpayer dollars being funnelled to Adani. Young people have a critical role to play in holding the Labor Government to account.

Let’s be honest...they haven’t been great on the things we care about. And the LNP have been even worse. But, elections are a time when we can come together in huge numbers, show them just how powerful we are and together, make stopping Adani’s crazy, polluting mine and shifting to a safe, renewable future the issue that QLD politicians just can’t get away from.

We’ll be:

  • Taking to the streets and speaking to people in key communities about Adani’s coal mine
  • Making sure young people are enrolled to vote
  • Making huge human signs
  • Finding pollies wherever they go chasing them with our message
  • Knocking on doors and chatting to Queenslanders

Getting involved is easy. Taking action is infectious. Stopping the loan is possible.

Let’s do this.

Sign up to volunteer on the campaign. We need you!