Say no to gas in Victoria

Wade Noonan is the Victorian Resources Minister.

Before the end of the month he is going to make the decision on wether or not to maintain a ban on onshore gas exploration in Victoria. We all know that gas is not the way of the future, it’s a fossil fuel and it needs to stay in the ground. Burning gas threatens our water, farmland, communities and climate. Instead we need to move our energy sector directly to renewables and be powered by the wind, sun and waves as quickly as possible.

Call the Victorian Resources minister today to let him know you want a total ban on onshore gas exploration. 

03 9399 9022

Here are some talking points:

Hi my name is _____I'm from_____

I want to leave a message for Wade Noonan.

I want to let the Minister for Resources know that I support a permanent and full ban on onshore gas exploration in Victoria. 

75 communities around the state have declared themselves gas field free. It is obvious that the gas industry has no social license to operate in our state.

Victoria is currently doing great things to address the issue of climate change, opening up gas fields would take us backwards. 

I want the Minister to know that I stand with tens of thousands of Victorians who want to protect our climate, farmland and water from onshore gas exploration. 

Call Wade Noonan, Victoria Resources Minister. His office's number is: 03 9399 9022

Check out the talking points on the left, and let us know how you go. 

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