Premier Palaszczuk - Veto this loan

URGENT: The Qld Govt is considering giving a billion dollars to Aurizon to build a rail line to the Galilee coal basin and Adani’s coal mine.

This is another massive taxpayer-funded loan that could help Adani build their mine in the Galilee Basin.

Queensland rail company Aurizon want to build their own rail line in the Galilee basin, using taxpayer funds. If Aurizon get this loan, it would save Adani several billion dollars of the cost of building their own line.

In the next few weeks the Palaszczuk cabinet will consider vetoing this loan like they did to Adani’s.

Our movement has stopped Adani’s NAIF loan before - we can do it again.

We need to show the Queensland Government that we don’t want any taxpayer money propping up coal in the Galilee Basin. We need them to veto Aurizon’s NAIF loan.

Will you sign?

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