We want climate action

Stop the coal lobby, bring on change!

For over a decade, Australians have demanded strong action on climate change. For over a decade, politicians backed by the coal and gas lobby have created CHAOS and UNDERMINED meaningful reform.

Australians love renewable energy and want to see action on climate change, especially when Australia is burning in winter.

This week, Turnbull has capitulated to this lobby and COMPLETELY dropped the LNP's weak attempt at climate policy.We have now seen multiple Prime Ministers fail to stand up to fossil fuel lobby and create meaningful climate action.

This is outrageous: while firefighters battle blazes in winter and farmers suffer through climate induced drought, Malcolm and friends continue to capitulate to the coal lobby.

It’s devastating that this government can’t even make the smallest step towards action on climate,

Turnbull has bent over backwards yet again to his hard right and the coal lobby.

Enough is enough. We demand leadership on climate. Do you?

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