Yesterday at the National Press Club, Bill Shorten claimed the Federal Labor party were looking at the Adani project very closely and said “If it doesn’t stack up economically and environmentally, it won’t get our support,”

We already know this coal mine doesn’t stack up. 28 banks don’t think Adani is financially viable and 3.6 billion tonnes of pollution will be released from this mine into our already warming climate.

It’s time for politicians to take strong climate action. They must rule out support for Adani's coal mine, transition away from coal and gas projects, and start building renewables ☀️

The Federal Labor cabinet (AKA decision makers) are considering their position on Adani in the next few days.

They need to hear from YOU today to push them over the line and reject this polluting coal mine.

Will you turn the heat up on one of the key members of Labor today, and call them, urging them to come out against Adani? 🔥

We have come so far in the movement to #StopAdani. Just last year we were staring down the barrel of a $1billion NAIF loan to Adani at the Queensland election. It looked grim.

As a movement, we knocked on thousands of doors, talked to countless voters, followed politicians whenever they went, and made sure that the issue of Adani and our climate were front and centre.

And because of the pressure we built, we managed to stop the NAIF loan that Adani so desperately needed. We can do this again.

You can help push them over the line by turning up the heat on key politicians.

We’ve made it easy to do with some helpful call tips. Click here to call a labor cabinet member to #StopAdani

Together, we can end the bipartisan support for this coal mine.

With hope,
For the AYCC & Seed teams