100% renewables where no one gets left behind

Just weeks ago, it was announced that Australia’s oldest and dirtiest power station, Hazelwood, will close by April 2017. This is great news for our climate and the health of the community of the Latrobe Valley. However closure also means job losses and uncertainty for a community that has relied on brown coal for decades.

Sign this petition calling on Australia’s energy and resources ministers to commit to 100% renewables by 2030, and to develop a plan to ensure coal communities don’t get left behind during the transition.

Right now our government is failing to plan for the future of our electricity system. We all know that coal is well and truly on its way out and renewables are the way of the future. The closure of Hazelwood makes this very clear.

The Turnbull Government is failing to show ambitious leadership and plan for the clean energy future Australians deserve. A national plan to quickly and fairly close our old coal fired power stations is needed urgently, so that communities like the Latrobe Valley aren’t left in the lurch.

Sign the petition now calling on Environment Minister Josh Frydenberg to support a national plan for closing coal and a fair transition for communities like the Latrobe Valley.  


Dear Minister Frydenberg, 

Support a national plan for coal closure and just transition for communities like the Latrobe Valley.

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