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What makes you passionate about creating a clean energy future for Townsville? Share your message or story to help inspire others in the community and our politicians to take action!

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Together, we're building a community movement to create a healthy future for Queensland powered by the sun. Across the world, we're seeing renewables like wind and solar create the jobs and energy of the future. As the sunniest city on the east coast, Townsville has huge potential to lead the country when it comes to clean energy.

Townsville is already feeling the impacts of a warming climate - like more frequent storms and longer, tougher droughts. So it makes sense for our community to be part of the renewable energy solutions that will protect our climate and health.

North Queensland's renewable energy boom is already happening - and investment in big solar projects will make sure Townsville reaps the rewards. That's why we're building a community campaign with people like you speaking up for clean energy and having conversations with politicians about what a brighter future could look like. Thanks for being part of it!