Thousands of Students Around the Country went on Strike for Climate Action!

On November 30, over 15,000 students went on strike from school for the day to send a clear message to our politicians: this generation cannot and will not wait for climate action.

This incredible student-led action began with a group of year eight students in regional Victoria who decided to strike from school, and quickly grew to dozens of actions around the country.

We are so inspired by the collective power of young people.

The AYCC will continue to build the power of high school students by supporting the school strikers and strengthening our Switched on Schools program. Switched on Schools has been empowering thousands of high school students to lead long-term sustainable solutions to the climate crisis, building the strength of our grassroots movement.

Over the last year, we engaged 25,000 high school students across the country through 120 in-school workshops, four Climate Justice Summits, as well as our Student Leadership Program and Student Climate Action Network. We will continue to train and empower young people living on the frontlines of the fossil fuel industry by holding summits in areas like the Latrobe Valley.