It’s hot. It’s sweaty. It’s global warming in action.

Last week and over the weekend you probably saw the terrifying heat maps that showed most of Australia descended into a fiery hell:

This is not normal. And it affects people in those regional and remote areas hardest - often low socio economic, with little means for keeping cool - at greater bushfire risk and increased risk of heat stress.

That’s why we started Angry Summer - a place where you can learn how to support your community in times of need, and hold big polluters accountable for causing it at the same time.

Last week we saw the treasurer Scott Morrison wave around a lump of dirty coal in Parliament, telling us that “there’s nothing to be afraid of”, “it’s harmless.” This is also not normal. 


Newsflash: coal kills. It’s warming our climate, fuelling heatwaves and intensifying bushfires. Together we can hold them accountable. Sign up to Angry Summer to show that Australians are standing up to the out of date fossil fuel industry and supporting communities.>

2016 was officially the hottest year on record, but these days we’re pretty used to hearing that. Our generation hasn’t lived through a below average temperature year all our lives. That’s why it’s up to us to sound the alarm, connect the dots, and help communities through the tough times. Communities like Uarbry who were all but wiped out on the weekend by a catastrophic bushfire.

University of Melbourne did research recently that showed the communities with close connections to each other were more resilient in the face of extreme weather disasters like bushfires. <

Together we can build a movement that is caring, powerful and uncompromising, for a better, fairer, cooler future.

Stay hydrated.