Here's the Plan to #StopAdani

Wow! It's been wild few months in the campaign to stop Adani’s mega polluting coal mine. Adani have been back in the news, scandal after scandal. From illegally starting work, to lying about land clearing, to shorter rail lines - Adani are back on the public radar.

For 6 years we’ve been pushing from every angle to stop this mine: from the banks, to the public loans, to the coal ports, to the environmental approvals - now, we just have one step left: shifting the politics against the mine.

Right now, we want to have some words with the Labor Party. Don’t get us wrong, they’ve got a pretty good renewables policy. But when it comes to stopping Adani, they can't make up their mind. While some in the party have come out against Adani's coal mine, others - like leader Bill Shorten - are stuck on the fence.

That's why, ahead of Labor’s big National Conference in December, we’re going to annoy the heck out of Federal politicians and candidates until they stop Adani.

To do that, we need you. We need volunteers out on the ground in every electorate making Adani an issue for Labor.

Here are our three steps to win, and how you can get involved...

#1. We become citizen detectives, scoping out where our Labor MPs and candidates stand on Adani

It's going to take action in electorate to get Labor to stop Adani - and our first step is figuring out who is on our side. Check out our detective guide and start scoping out where your MP sits on Adani!

#2. We make this an issue they can’t run away from - through phone calls, rallies, and turning up to every event they run.

Once we know where our MPs and candidates are at, we can make truckloads of noise to make sure our message cuts through. Want in? You can start by calling Bill Shorten's office with our handy guide to leave a message against Adani.

#3. We show inaction on climate costs votes - by having thousands of conversations with voters and collecting signatures on our People’s Motion to Stop Adani.

If we can have heaps of doorknocks, asking community members what they think of Adani and climate change, and collect information to show that this issue would shift their vote, that's super powerful information to take to candidates. You can download our guide to run a local doorknock with your mates!

Sometimes when we’re fighting the bad guys to create a better, fairer world for everyone, winning feels impossible. But I know that we are closer than ever to winning. And I truly believe that we have what it takes - it’s just going to take a whole lot of us turning up the heat on politicians who have the power to stop Adani.

To shift the whole party, we need to make the issue impossible for Labor to ignore. Labor need to hear loud and clear that you can’t have a legit climate policy and refuse to limit fossil fuel exports. We are young people. We won’t settle for beige mediocrity.

The world is moving away from coal, and coal communities who have suffered the health impacts of this deadly fossil fuel need the time and foresight to prepare for change. Labor takes pride in standing up for workers - this is their chance to support communities through a just transition away from coal and to the jobs of the future.

This sounds bold but we’ve done it before. Remember that time we bothered QLD Labor so much that they blocked money to Adani? That was pretty great, and only possible because of volunteers like you, who wouldn’t take no for an answer.

If you're feeling fired up and ready to take action, pledge to volunteer your time, or download our resources to kickstart some action in your area!