The Fight for the Great Australian Bight

For most of us, Australians coastlines have a special place in our hearts, whether you surf, swim, or just love the beach. After major community opposition, led by the powerful Great Australian Bight Alliance, BP has dropped its dangerous plan to drill for oil in the Bight! This is a massive victory for local communities, our pristine marine environment and our climate.

BP's proposal would have seen the opening of Australia's largest new oil field, and would have had a huge impact on our emissions. After what happened in the Gulf of Mexico, we all know that we don’t want any company risking the Bight for oil, especially when environmental modelling shows that a spill like that would almost never be cleaned up completely and would reach as far as NSW and two of Tasmania's entire coastlines. Not only would drilling in the Bight be a carbon bomb, but also a massive environmental disaster, so we’re going to build on the momentum built by BP’s withdrawal and ensure that the companies still looking to explore think twice before drilling in the Bight.

AYCC has young people in every state and territory ready to have conversation in coastal communities, create huge media moments, and ramp up pressure on the big players. Over the next few weeks our state based training camps will reach 300 young people with intensive climate action training. Participants will go on to run strategic local campaigns to make sure thousands of Australians know about the dangerous fossil fuel projects around the country, creating an even stronger movement of young people willing to take action on climate change.