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Welcome AYCC's New National Director, Gemma Borgo Caratti

I’m Gemma, the AYCC’s new National Director and I can’t wait to meet you.

Gemma Borgo-Caratti
April 27, 2017


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We need to talk about climate refugees

As our world’s climate changes rapidly from fossil fuel companies burning dirty coal, oil and gas, it is expected that we will see enormous shifts in mobility and migration throughout the world.

Amir Mahdavian
April 12, 2017

The low down on the closure of Hazelwood Coal Fired Power Station

All you need to know about Australia’s oldest and dirtiest coal fired power station closing this week.

This week, the Hazelwood power station burnt coal for the last time. It’s a win for our climate and the health of the people of the Latrobe Valley. But also highlights a ridiculous lack of planning and care for regional coal communities by our Federal government, who refuse to develop a national coal closure plan. 

Laura Melville
March 31, 2017


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