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Response to Daily Telegraph attack piece about AYCC’s support of the School Strike 4 Climate

In a shocking expose by the Daily Telegraph today, the Youth Climate Coalition has been found to be supporting youth climate activism 😱 The AYCC is proud to support the incredible school students striking for their right to a liveable climate on March 15.


Kelly Albion
February 18, 2019


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In the face of code red heatwaves, we don't have time for climate inaction.

The last few weeks in Adelaide have been insane. During the worst of the heatwaves, the weather has been reaching 35 degrees by early-mid morning.

Sam James
January 25, 2019

The best present

With the year drawing to an end, we all know who’ll be on the naughty list this Christmas: big coal and gas companies and the politicians who are taking their money while failing us on climate action.

Alex Fuller
December 12, 2018


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