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When Disaster Strikes

Right now 70 fires are burning right across Queensland and it’s only the first week of September. We have the whole summer ahead of us.

Olivia Hill
September 11, 2019


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Reflections in light of the Pacific Islands Forum

As people living in Australia, our role in all this is clear. We must follow the leadership of the Pacific and fight to keep coal and gas in the ground. Adani’s mine, if it goes ahead, will open the Galilee Basin to thermal coal exporters - causing climate havoc, specifically to the people who did the very least to contribute to climate change. There are so many reasons to stop Adani’s mine and this fight has been a long, tiring one. But the Pacific leaders calls to action renews my energy to keep going. This fight is too important to sit on the sidelines at such a critical moment.

Hilly Montague
August 23, 2019

Statement of Support for the Union Movement

In order to secure an energy transition in Australia that treats workers and their communities with respect, while tackling climate change, our country needs more workplace rights, not less. AYCC acknowledges that unions continue to play a valuable role in the healthy functioning of our society and in defending the rights of working people - and their work needs to be protected. 

Alex Fuller
July 31, 2019


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