With the year drawing to an end, we all know who’ll be on the naughty list this Christmas: big coal and gas companies and the politicians who are taking their money while failing us on climate action.

But for all your friends on the nice list - we’ve got the perfect gift!

Make your gift count: donate on a friend’s behalf to grow our movement for climate justice and we’ll send you an illustrated gift card to give them!

Instead of stressing about what to get your auntie or best mate for Christmas, make a donation on their behalf and we’ll mail you a holiday card to give them on Christmas day! And we’ve got some not-so-Christmassy designs too, if that’s more your style. 

In the past week alone, we've mobilised 15,000 people to march against Adani, occupied Parliament House foyer for climate justice and made headlines across the country. By giving a generous gift this holiday season, you'll make sure our movement can continue to grow and show our power in 2019.

With Adani and others lining up to open toxic coal mines in Queensland, and the Scott Morrison’s Government still without any sort of climate policy, only a powerful movement, led by young people, can create the scale of social and political we need to secure a safe future.

A holiday card is a simple but powerful gesture of support to the thousands of young people who are out in force fighting for a safe climate future. Check out the cards and help multiply the power of our movement in 2019!

Thanks for all you do,

Gemma for the AYCC team