I don’t know about you, but when I look at the state of politics in this country I feel extremely frustrated.

When I look, I see new and expanding coal mines, fracking projects, tax cuts for corporations, new coal stations and attacks on renewable energy. You could say that Malcolm Turnbull’s Coalition government are throwing young people’s future under the bus.

And in opposition, Labor may have better climate policies; but they need to improve in line with the science. They are yet to commit to stopping Adani and the rapid expansion of coal mines, they won’t stand up against fracking companies, and are doing little to challenge the pro-coal club in the Coalition.

To have a safe future, we need political leadership. It’s time to seriously change the politics of coal and gas in this country, and force our politicians to follow. Will you sign this petition calling on Labor to commit to shifting Australia beyond coal?

We are launching our “Labor, it’s time to shine” campaign - where together we are going to push the Labor party to be a climate champion for our future - that starts with committing to stopping Adani’s coal mine.

The Labor party is made up of lots of individuals who care about climate change, their 50% renewable energy target is a good start, but to rapidly reduce pollution and avoid the worst impacts of climate change, Labor must commit to a policy that leaves coal in the ground for good.

Will you help collect 100,000 voices calling on Labor to take action on climate change? Sign this petition to tell them it’s time to shine and stop Adani’s coal mine.

Labor party members will vote on their policies at their National Conference in July - so this is a key time to show the whole party that coal, Adani and climate change are all issues that won’t go away until they commit to real action in line with the science. Labor can stop this mine for good.

When we started the campaign to get the banks to rule out funding for Adani, we had no idea whether it would work. We just knew we needed to stop the money.

But with people powered campaigns we were able connect with staff inside the banks to force Australia’s Big 4 banks one by one to rule out financing this dangerous coal mine. We won that together.

And now, by connecting with key politicians in the lead up to the Federal Election we can shift the party, stop this mine for good and set Australia towards a 100% renewable future by shifting the politics of coal.

Sign the petition

Stopping Adani means the beginning of the end of the thermal coal industry in this country - no coal mines in the Galilee Basin will be able to open, and no coal companies will be able to commit to new large coal projects.

It’s only with a powerful movement of people, demanding that politicians choose our future, over the coal and gas industry’s future, that we will build a world safe from the impacts of climate change.

With every petition signature you collect, every politician you call, and every rally for climate justice you turn out to, we are a step closer to achieving a strong climate policy in this country.

This is how we shift the politics and take back our future. You are the one we’ve been waiting for.

It’s time to shine ☀️☀️☀️

In hope,
Gemma for the AYCC & Seed teams