Switched on Schools and School Strike Actions

For the past decade, people just like you have helped train, mentor and mobilise young people to take action through our Switched on Schools program. If you’re anything like me, you must be so inspired by the recent explosion of youth activism across the country and the world!

In the lead up to March 15th, your support helped organise over 50 student-led strikes in Australia bringing together 150,000 people. In days following the strike, NSW Labor committed $100 million for getting solar on schools - thanks to the incredible action of young people across the country!

Your ongoing support means we can continue to back the vision of these young people and provide support in training, logistics, media and campaign strategy.

So far, you’ve helped pull off:

  • A Day of Action outside 75+ MP offices on May 3rd,
  • Kickstart training events in major cities where over 1,000 people came together to hear from inspiring speakers and make ambitious plans leading up to the election,
  • Six large candidate forums bringing together over 1,000+ people along with a mix of politicians, to ask the important questions leading up to the election.

Can you chip in any extra support to make the next strike on September 20 massive? Totally! I'm in!

Finally, in May we also hosted our Switched on Schools Townsville Summit. This was the first of its kind in the Townsville area and brought together 75 passionate students to develop their skills in leadership, communication and planning campaigns that win.

Thanks to your generosity, young people on the frontlines of climate impacts in regional areas will continue to get the hands-on skills and support to fight for a just transition to 100% renewable energy.