Turnbull, no new slush funds for Adani

Extreme weather events have gone from once in 100 year disasters to regular disruptions that take lives and cost millions. Fossil fuel companies have known for decades that their business model is warming our atmosphere, but they continue nonetheless.

In sunny Queensland, the Adani company is planning on building the world’s biggest coal mine.

This mine will only cause more natural disasters and extreme weather events. From flooding to fires, this mine is a climate time bomb.

And our government wants to back them with a BILLION taxpayer dollars. This is unacceptable.

Together we can stop any government slush funds and stop Adani. With NAIF off the table after QLD voted to block it, the government is looking for other options. Namely, EFIC.

Sign the petition to stop Turnbull's slush funds today so we can show how out of touch this government is.


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