Hey Labor, It’s Time to Stop Adani

Resources to lead local actions and pressure your politician! 

As young people, we’re fighting for politicians of all parties to stand up against new coal mines and protect our future. In the lead-up to Labor’s National Conference, we have an opportunity to shift the party to a #StopAdani position this year.

Use our handy resources to take local action to stop Adani! Together, we can make this an issue Labor can’t ignore - by talking to voters, painting the town and rocking up at their offices and events!


#1 ) How to Be a #StopAdani Citizen Detective

🔍So, you wanna stop Adani? Use our guide to research your local Labor MP or candidate to find out where they’ll be, what motivates them, and where they stand on new coal mines. 🔍

Get Our Detective Guide


#2 ) Pester Your Pollie to #StopAdani 

We have to make sure that every MP and candidate knows this issue won’t go away until they commit to stopping Adani. Check out these creative tactics to make sure that Adani is front and centre for your MP at every turn. 📣📣📣

Learn How to Pester Your Pollie!


#3 ) #StopAdani Doorknocking Guide

🚪It’s easy to run a doorknock with mates in your area to have meaningful conversations about climate action and get more people on board. Check out our doorknocking guide - with a script, tips, and info on what to do with the data you collect! 🚪

Doorknocking Guide


#4) Dealing With Objections

Where am I allowed to put #StopAdani posters? How do I organise an action? Who can I chat to at AYCC for help? All your frequently asked questions (and answers!) are here!

Handle Tricky Questions