Join the Fight to save the Bight

Right now, BP has an outrageous plan to drill for oil off the coast of South Australia, but we can stop them. 

This oil rig is a disaster waiting to happen. It would take 157 days for the clean up ship to arrive when a spill happens and by then, the oil will have spread from SA to WA and across to Victoria, Tasmania and Antarctica. And it's a climate disaster - 9 billion barrels of oil would push us over the limit of 1.5 degrees and paint a very different future for our generation. We can't let it happen, and we won't. 


The trail of destruction: Independent modelling of an oil spill in the Bight

Together we can halt this disastrous project. Our movement is strong, smart, creative and nimble, and we’re ready to stop BP.  Be part of history by joining the fight to protect the Bight today.

AYCC and Seed will be running a strategic campaign to stop BP in their tracks, along with our friends in the environment movement, we'll be in touch with every opportunity you have to stop this madness. 


To stop BP's disastrous plans to drill for oil in the Great Australian Bight we need you: 

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