Sofia Madden

  • published Raise your voice to Ban Fracking in the NT in Signups 2019-11-07 12:27:04 +1100

    Do you want to #BanFrackingintheNT?

    Against Traditional Owners wishes, Origin Energy has started Fracking in the NT, causing massive amounts of danger to communities, water and culture.

    Standing alongside with Seed and traditional Owners, we know that we can change this. But we need you to join the #BanFrackingInTheNT campaign to do it. Sign up on the right hand side so we can chat to you 👉 

    We're building up pressure to Origin Energy and it's staff by telling them to #FrackOff. They're hearing us as we get louder and louder, but in the NT, we need to build a massive youth movement and we want you to join us.

    Volunteering with AYCC is not like volunteering elsewhere - we're all about young people leading projects and campaigns with all the skills you need to do it confidently. Depending on your skills and experience, there's something for everyone to do! 

    You'll meet other young people just like you who want to change the world, as well as get skills in campaigning, organising and more. 

    Check out AYCC's general volunteer policy here

    If you identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander young person who is passionate about climate change, you should get involved in the Seed Indigenous Youth Climate Network here

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