On Friday night as people were leaving work for the week, the Queensland Premier made an important announcement for our campaign to stop Adani’s dangerous coal mine.

Queensland Labor will veto the $1 billion loan from the Turnbull government for Adani’s coal rail line.

This is huge news. If the Queensland government can’t facilitate the NAIF loan, then Adani has no cash! 

But it's not over yet. The Queensland Government has just entered caretaker mode, so the veto can't take effect before the state election — unless it gains bi-partisan support. 

If we can pile the pressure on Tim Nicholls and the LNP, we can ensure that no party elected will fund this dodgy coal mine.

Here are some messages to post on Tim Nicholls’ social media accounts:

Personalise the messages and make them your own.


Hi Tim, I’m a young person from Queensland who is very nervous about the future of our state. I’m worried that the continued mining and burning of fossil fuels will make our great state a risky place to live when I’m your age. Please veto the Adani NAIF loan and power Queensland with the sun and the wind - that’s how you make a Better Queensland.

G’day Tim, 70% of Queenslanders reckon a billion taxpayer dollars for coal mining billionaire Adani is a bad idea. Not only could that mine and port become a stranded asset for taxpayers but it will cook our climate and fuel more dangerous weather events like cyclones and floods that hammer north Queensland already. Veto the loan and stop the mine.

The only way to bring down power prices is to invest in 21st century technology like solar, wind and wave, and leave fossil fuels in the past where they belong. Coal is so expensive and ancient, and harms the health of people in the affected community. The world is moving away from coal, and so should the LNP.

Queensland is awesome. I’d love if we could keep it that way by ruling out giving $1 billion to Adani’s coal mine. What do you reckon?

Water is so important in regional Queensland. 85% of the state is already in crippling drought, so groundwater is vital for many farmers. If the Adani mine goes ahead, they’ll have unlimited access to precious groundwater for 60 years. You can’t eat coal, but Australia and the world relies on Queensland’s food production. Rule out giving a billion dollars to Adani’s mine.


The Queensland election has national and global implications. The whole country is watching to see if you’ll rule out handing $1 billion to Adani’s mega coal mine because our Reef, climate and future is on the line. Please do the right thing and end the age of fossil fuels, and switch to big renewables!

Across the country, people feel very strongly that the Adani coal mine shouldn’t go ahead. It’s a disaster for our climate, for our Reef and for land rights.

No bank will touch the Adani coal mine, why should taxpayers have to foot the bill of a coal mine that many economists believe will become a stranded asset. You can rule out the NAIF loan for Adani, please do the right thing.

Please respect the rights of the Traditional Owners to say no to Adani’s coal mine. Adani has already worked to weaken the Native Title Act, but while Adani has no consent, this mine cannot go ahead.

Our Great Barrier Reef is already feeling the impact of out of control mining and burning of fossil fuels. Back to back bleaching events and unprecedented cyclones have damaged our national treasure. Adani’s mine will only wreck our Reef further, and with it the 69,000 jobs that rely on it.


Hey @TimNichollsMP, young people want to grow up in a Queensland that is safe from extreme weather events, has reliable and safe clean energy jobs, and a colourful Reef. Your turn to rule out $1BN for Adani #StopAdani

No point having a tourism policy for the Reef coast if you want to destroy the ecosystem with coal and gas developments. @TimNichollsMP time to rule out the NAIF loan to Adani #StopAdani