Bill Shorten, it’s now or never to Stop Adani

BREAKING: Adani have just had their groundwater management plan approved. This dangerous coal mine is now closer than ever to starting.

This was the final federal hurdle for Adani, only sign off from the Queensland Government is holding back full scale construction.1

The Adani coal mine is a climate bomb, opening up the Galilee Basin to massive coal mining.

We're seeing climate impacts already. Overnight minimums of 35 degrees in NSW. 50-degree days in regional South Australia. Escalating bushfire risk across the country.

We need to climate action to stop these events getting worse. That means standing up to the coal lobby and stopping fossil fuels, starting with Adani.

Sign now to tell Bill Shorten to get off the fence and commit to stopping Adani.

The coal mine will release 3.6 billion tonnes of pollution and be the biggest coal mine in the southern hemisphere!

Now that Adani has secured finance, they are ready to roll. There are only a few approvals left for them. This is our last real chance to stop the mine.

Labor needs to publicly commit to actually stopping this mine and tearing up their environmental licences.

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Environment Minister Melissa Price signs off on Adani Project, Sydney Morning Herald

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