Response to Daily Telegraph attack piece about AYCC’s support of the School Strike 4 Climate

In a shocking expose by the Daily Telegraph today, the Youth Climate Coalition has been found to be supporting youth climate activism 😱 The AYCC is proud to support the incredible school students striking for their right to a liveable climate on March 15.

For the last 11 years AYCC has run leadership training and mentoring for high school students so they can take action on climate change while consecutive governments have sat on the sidelines watching the planet burn.

Speaking of 11 years, that’s how long we have to avoid catastrophic climate change according to the IPCC. The LNP, supported by their mates in the Murdoch press have actively undermined attempts to stop climate damage, pushing the burning of fossil fuels like some Toolie at Schoolies.

School students we work with learn in year 9 that coal causes climate change and they are scared that the world they are going to inherit from older generations is unsafe, marred by food shortages and extreme weather events. Every single time an adult tells a student that they aren’t capable of speaking up, organising or thinking for themselves, it fuels the fire in our bellies to be more outspoken, more organised and determined to win.

We 100% believe in the power and intelligence of young people. They are more educated, more connected, more creative than any generation before them. The lesson here is that if you think that young people aren’t going to get mad about political inaction on climate change, then they’re the ones who need to go back to school and learn some basic climate science.

AYCC is proud to support the School Strike 4 Climate movement with logistics to keep them safe at their march, leadership training and fielding calls from journalists during school hours.

You can read the response from the School Strike 4 Climate students here.

Are you a school student interested in building your leadership skills? Sign up to take part in AYCC’s Student Climate Leadership training today!

If you want to have a lol to yourself, read the article here.