Vote for Townsville's Clean Energy Future

Townsville is already feeling the impacts of a warming climate - from more frequent storms, heatwaves and floods, to longer, tougher droughts. So it makes sense for our community to be part of the renewable energy solutions that will protect our climate and our health.

Our community is at a turning point and it's time to decide what our future will look like. Mining and burning coal for electricity is Australia’s biggest contribution to global warming.While coal has been part of Townsville’s economy for a long time, we need to start creating the jobs of the future and switch to renewable energy like solar to protect our future from climate change.

Add your name in support of big solar energy projects to create long-term jobs, protect Townsville's environment and ensure a safe future for the next generation.

Will you sign?

I support big clean energy projects for Townsville, instead of new coal mines. 

Help us reach our goal of 173 votes