I want to tell you about some young people that I’m always inspired by: the high school students around the country getting on with real action to solve the climate crisis. I have the incredible privilege of working every day with students leading campaigns in their schools and communities to supercharge the switch to a clean energy future.

Last week, AYCC launched A Plan for Repowering our Schools - which provides a roadmap for State Governments in Victoria and NSW to repower public high schools with 100% clean energy. You can check out the report for here!

Can you chip in $15 to help get the report printed and in front of every state politician? Donate now and our student leader legends will deliver the reports to MPs on your behalf!

Launching the report last week in Melbourne with 200 passionate high school students from across Victoria!

Young people will be the most affected by the impacts of climate change and decisions made today. For many young people, climate impacts are here and now: from more intense heatwaves in our cities, to increasingly frequent drought and bushfires. It’s so important for our schools to be part of the solution.

Our plan charts a path for path for public high schools to repower with clean energy through three main strategies: school energy audits to improve efficiency, the installation of a 100kW on every school roof, and partnerships with renewable energy providers. If every public high school in NSW and Victoria were to install a 100kW solar system on their roof, the results would be game-changing, with the emissions reduction equivalent of taking 24,500 cars off the road. Every single politician needs to hear about this: chip in now to make it happen!

We have a big vision to take this report to politicians and expand research nationally, while training up thousands more young people through our school workshops and student leadership program. But we need your help to do it.

But we need your help to do it.

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Your support will allow us to:

  • Print a copy of the report for every MP in Victoria and NSW
  • Get young people to meetings with decision-makers to share their vision for clean energy schools and a safe climate future
  • Run in-school workshops to empower young people in every state and territory to take action on climate change

This generation will not wait for action on climate change - and high school students are stepping up and taking matters into their own hands. Your support will make sure that the people in Parliament are paying attention and that we can train up, inspire and support thousands of young leaders taking action in their communities for a safe climate future.

Thank you for standing alongside young leaders fighting for a better world.

Laura for the AYCC team

P.S. Want to find out more about the Repower our Schools campaign and how your school community can get involved? Check out our website here or click below to read the report: