Repower our Schools

Young people will be the most affected by the impacts of climate change and decisions made today. For many young people, climate impacts are here and now: from more intense heatwaves in our cities, to increasingly frequent drought and bushfires. It’s so important for our schools to be part of the solution.

Our plan charts a path for public high schools to repower with clean energy through three main strategies:

1. School energy audits to improve efficiency,

2. The installation of a 100kW on every school roof, and

3. Partnerships with renewable energy providers.

If every public high school in NSW and Victoria were to install a 100kW solar system on their roof, the results would be game-changing, with the emissions reduction equivalent of taking 24,500 cars off the road.



At school we learn about climate science and how to be leaders. Now we are putting these skills into practice by repowering our schools. Young people are ahead of the game when it comes to new technology, we’re tired of outdated polluting fossil fuels, so we’re supercharging the transition to clean energy in our own schools.

Follow the steps below to repower your school

  1. Add your voice: support Australian schools to Repower Australia with 100% renewable energy.  
  2. Lead a campaign in your school and build momentum for action on climate change in your community.  
  3. Repower: Get your school to publicly pledge to be part of the Repower our Schools movement.
  4. Celebrate: tell the whole world how your school is leading the way, and get everyone pumped to make it happen.


Contact Laura Sykes our National Schools Program Director for more info on how your school can get involved at:

Empower young Australians to take action on climate change.