How to pressure Westpac in your community

Millions of people have been fighting to keep the Galilee Basin coal in the ground for 4 years now. We can't stop/won't stop until Adani walks away from the project, until the rights of the Wangan and Jagalingou to their land are upheld, and the climate and the Reef are protected from the carbon pollution contained in the basin.

Right now, Adani is short on cash money. That's where Westpac comes in.

To start digging their dangerous coal mine, Adani needs money from Australian banks. NAB, CommBank and ANZ have all distanced themselves from the project, but Westpac has refused. We need to show Westpac that Australians don't want their money used to prop up this dirty and dead end project. 

That's why groups across the country are 'Adopting a Westpac branch'.  Any group or individual can 'adopt' their local Westpac branch - you build relationships with the staff and talk to customers, to put pressure on the Westpac board. 

We've put together a bunch of resources for you to use to adopt your local Westpac branch, including conversation guides, petitions and action ideas, click here to access them: 

Access Toolkit

When you've decided on your Westpac branch action details (time, details, location, concept), add your action to the map so other people know it's happening.

Here's a tool to help you find your local Westpac branch.

Guiding principles:

At AYCC, we’re building a movement of empowered young people who take meaningful, strategic action in their communities to drive just solutions to climate change. We want to harness your creativity and your knowledge of what action works in your community to create turbulence and build power to win our campaigns. All the action we take is guided by some basic principles that keep us accountable to achieving our mission and living out our values.

Climate justice

AYCC acknowledges that the impacts of climate change are being felt first and worst by the people who have done the least to contribute to the problem and who have the least ability to adapt. We strive to elevate the voices of these people, support these communities to lead the solutions that make sense for them and work for solutions to climate change that are fair and don’t exacerbate or embed the structural injustices that are the root cause of climate change.

We are a movement, and young people will be at the forefront

Young people, standing in solidarity with those on the frontline of climate change, have the the most powerful voices to call for change. At every level AYCC is led by young people who are organising in their communities to win campaigns and build the powerful social movement we need to combat the climate crisis.

We are inclusive and diverse

We support all young people to be part of our movement, and actively promote diversity of socio-economic backgrounds, gender, race, sexuality, religion and political views.

We want solutions to climate change that are just and sustainable

We always take justice and sustainability into account in decisions we make - from the policies we support, through to our organisation’s own supply chain.

We’re political, but non-partisan

We run campaigns with a political focus, but we’re strictly non-partisan. We don’t align with any particular political parties, but instead evaluate all candidates and parties’ policies impartially.

We’re ambitious, grounded in climate science, and solutions-focused

We know the solutions to the climate crisis exist, and our vision is possible. That’s why we always call for what’s necessary according to the best science, not what’s politically convenient.

We respect the leadership of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people

We recognise the unique impacts Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are facing on communities, culture and country, and the intrinsic knowledge and wisdom of traditional custodians to lead the way to a more sustainable world. We work side by side with the Seed Indigenous Youth Climate Network.

We are all learning

We are ambitious and innovative, and we’re not afraid to make mistakes and learn from them. By giving young people the opportunity to be courageous, we give them the space to learn.

We abide by the principle of non-violence

AYCC does not support or condone violence in any form. We believe that peaceful protest and civil resistance are powerful forces for change in a democratic society. 

We work in alliances and support each other

We reach out and work with other community groups, social justice and environmental organisations in our community also acting on climate change. We encourage local groups to support and collaborate with each other.




Empower young Australians to take action on climate change.