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Dear Mr Turnbull, 

On behalf of all Australians, we ask you not to waste $1 billion dollars on the Adani coal mine. Please and thank you.

Will you sign?

Stop the mining handout before its too late

BREAKING: Adani are going to start initial construction while they wait on government funding announcements. 

Adani still don’t have the $1 billion they need to ACTUALLY start digging the coal out of the ground, nor do they have consent of the Traditional Owners.

We need to stop PM Turnbull giving them a billion dollar handout so that full scale construction can't begin!

A recent Four Corners report has revealed the devastating effects of Adani’s business operations. Polluted water, environmental destruction, accusations of bribery and corruption.

This company wants to build the world’s biggest coal mine in Queensland. And our government wants to back them with a BILLION taxpayer dollars.

This company cannot be trusted.

Together we can stop the loan and stop Adani.

Sign the petition to stop Turnbull's 1 billion dollar taxpayer handout to stop construction from continuing!