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We’ve just learnt that half of the Reef may be dead. Not just bleached -- dead.

This is heartbreaking beyond words.

But we can’t afford to stay sad for long. We know who caused this - politicians and fossil fuel companies who knew about this and warmed the planet anyway, cooking our Reef. And we must make them pay.

Together we must use our outrage to pressure both the Queensland and Federal governments to stop backing Adani over our future.

If we can show the government that the people of Queensland don’t want this mine, that it will lose them votes in the next election, and that we want renewable jobs of the future, we can turn this ship around and stop Adani for good.

For years we’ve been saying the Reef is at risk is we keep mining and burning coal, but consecutive governments have refused to listen.

We won’t be ignored any longer - climate change is happening right now, we can’t afford to build any more coal mines.

Across the country in a few weeks time tens of thousands of us will march to stop this mine and end coal for good.

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