“You can’t back the biggest coal mine in the southern hemisphere and ask for a pat on the back for climate leadership.” Gemma Borgo-Caratti, National Director of the Australian Youth Climate Coalition. 

“Building Adani’s mine while claiming you’ll be a “leader in the low carbon economy” proves that you need a  education in basic climate science. 

“Coal drives global warming, no matter where you burn it in the world. 

“If the Galilee Basin were a country on its own, it would emit more than 1.3 times Australia’s current annual emissions from all sources and rank in the top 15 emitting countries in the world. This will undo any of the good work Queensland does reducing pollution in other ways.

“Queensland should look in South Australia’s direction, leave coal in the past, and build big renewables with storage. 

“Burning coal anywhere in the world, including India, increases the incidence and severity of many extreme weather events in Australia, with direct economic risks to the agriculture and tourism industries. 

“Coal expansion will drive further warming of the oceans, which increases the risk of extreme bleaching to Australia’s multi-billion dollar tourism asset, the Great Barrier Reef. 

“People across the country have been demanding for 5 years that the coal in the Galilee Basin stays in the ground, how many Reef bleaching events will it take for Queensland Labor to listen?” concluded Gemma Borgo-Caratti.