SCANDAL: QLD Government doing Adani's dirty business

We just found out that the Queensland Government have made an application to the Northern Australia Infrastructure Fund (NAIF) for a federal loan for Adani’s railway link from Abbot Point to the Carmichael mine. Polls have shown for over 12 months that Australians don’t support this project going ahead so why are the Queensland Government doing Adani’s dirty work for them. 

Call Premier Palaszczuk and tell her office why you don’t want this project to go ahead and call on the Queensland Government to withdraw their NAIF funding application. 

(07) 3719 7000

Here are some talking points to guide you through the conversation: 

  • Hi, my name is ___ from ___. I’m calling about the announcement of an application by the Queensland Government for a federal loan for the railway link for Adani’s project.
  • I’m really concerned about the Carmichael coal project going ahead because...
  • I think it’s outrageous that the Queensland Government has applied for funding to Adani’s railway link. Adani should be paying for this project themselves and if they can’t then this project should not be going ahead. Adani’s own experts were in court saying that the project would deliver less than 1500 jobs and we’ve already seen 14 international banks pull out of this project because the economics just don’t stack up.
  • I want the Premier to put money into upgrading us to 100% renewable energy not putting more money into dirty fossil fuel projects. Why aren’t we putting in applications for renewable energy projects that will deliver more benefits to our state's economy in the long term?
  • I want the Premier to know that I stand with thousands of Australians across the country who are really concerned about Adani’s coal projects and will do whatever it takes to stop this project.

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